Millions of listeners across America, mostly women, hearken daily unto the words of the woman known as Oprah, or as many of her listener’s affectionately call her, the “O”. A woman who commands a cult like following where the words she speaks become instant gospel to her disciples. Words that address every aspect of life from the intimate secrets of one’s “love” life (shhhh…even if they are not married), to health, wealth, religion and myriad other topics too numerous to list.

And truly her words are gospel to the vast majority of her viewers (many who sadly profess to be Christians) who exercise at best minimal discernment in considering the implications of her teachings and those of her guests. Rather, what Oprah says, most believe, what she preaches, her audience says ‘amen’ to, and what she recommends to purchase, her followers buy. Certainly this is not true for every listener and I do not mean to imply that, but I think it is extremely safe to say it is true for the majority. Because even if viewers get upset at a certain show or topic the offense does not last long as millions of “the faithful” keep turning on the TV and watching, tuning her in on X-radio and listening, and buying her magazine and reading.

One example of how powerful her words are is found in her book club; one she touts as the “biggest book club in the world.” All Oprah has to do is recommend a book that she highly esteems and literally millions of her followers will go out and buy it. No questions asked by most because if it is good enough for Oprah than certainly it must be good enough for them. And for the authors so “honored” to be added to her list of recommend readings, this can be a huge boon that can literally turn them into an overnight success.

Considering her television show the subjects covered, as noted above, address every area of life. Many of the shows or segments focusing on “good” deeds and charitable giving with scripts professionally written so as to tug on the heart strings of even the most hardened hearts. This coupled with powerful images and moving music goes directly to the heart and emotionally hooks her listeners as they shed a tear in grief or raise a smile in adulation. Oprah through all of this becoming larger than life as she is portrayed as the model of charity and goodness with an perceived concern for the well being of all.

Of course there are other areas covered in her shows and publications that truly “hit home” for so many woman in America. Topics such as health tips and beauty secrets, buff and dashing movie and music stars to excite the flesh, help for finances or the raising of children, travel ideas, and advice on how to gracefully age. These subjects and more are covered by Oprah as she does not leave many a stone untouched.

But this is only part of the story as there is much more to Oprah than beauty tips or her helping of the less privileged. Rather, Oprah is infamous, to those with eyes to see, at “…call[ing] evil good, and good evil; [at] put[ting] darkness for light, and light for darkness; …[and] bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” (Isa 5:20) How you ask? Well, pages could be written to answer this question when one looks at how Oprah portrays evil for good but a full analysis of Oprah is not my intent nor purpose. Rather, I want to look at two major teachings which Oprah is currently promoting to her viewers and by implication the world. These being “The Law of Attraction” and “A Course in Miracles.”

But before delving into these subjects, I want to make a few notes. First, this introductory article and the more detailed ones that will follow (Lord willing) are written to any and all who are listening to Oprah as she teaches on these subjects. Teachings which she has been leading her followers into for years as she has turned farther and farther away from her Baptist upbringing towards the “New” age luciferian doctrines that preach another “gospel” and another “jesus.”

To these we hope to look to shortly when next time I will strive to present an overview of “The Law of Attraction” and how deadly and devilish a doctrine it is. A message not received from the hand of man (or woman as the case is here) but rather channeled from a familiar spirit know as Abraham.

Until next time.