The Traditions of Men

© copyright 2008 brother Michael

One day came the Scribes and Pharisees to the Lord,
Being agreed in purpose, of one mind and accord.
Saying why do thy disciples eat with unwashen hands?
For transgress they our laws, and break they our commands.
Dost thou not know how righteous are we,
In how we serve God, through our many decrees?

Yet impressed by their words would Jesus not be,
When he replied to these leaders, that could not see.
That a people they were, as Isaiah did write,
Who honor with their lips, always believing they’re right,

Yet in vain did they worship, teaching doctrines of men,
As reject they the Scriptures, again and again.
So answered did Jesus, when he spoke on that day,
Rebuking their traditions, that surely held sway,
Over their hearts and their lives and all those around,
Who were a people in darkness, by traditions so bound.

Here ye said Jesus what Moses did say,
Honor thy father and thy mother evening and day.
But reject this command of God, did the Pharisees do,
As well as many others, as their apostasy grew.
The result of this rejection and their heretical thoughts,
Furthered false religion, which was all for naught.
For God accepts not, the doctrines of man,
That establish new traditions, and break his commands.

Hearken unto me, all ye that understand,
That nothing from without, can defile a man.
But rather from within, flowing forth from his heart,
Is that which defiles and sin will impart.
Be it thefts or adulteries, fornications or deceit,
Murder or vanity, evil eyes or conceit.

To those who read these words, that write I this day,
I pray ye be not deceived, neither led ye astray.
For as was true then, so also is now,
To the traditions of man do most knees so bow.
And before you this day, the choice as was then,
Worship God as its written, or listen to men.

For heaven and earth are recording this day,
The choice you will make, to whom honor you’ll pay.
Why halt between two opinions, of one mind you must be,
Either bound by traditions, or through the Scriptures set free.

A Child of Rome Set Free

©copyright 2007 brother Michael

Raised as Roman Catholics, my family would be,
Two brothers, a sister, my parents and me.
As babes from the womb, Rome’s doctrines held sway,
Over our hearts and our lives all of the day.
Baptized and catechized, confirmed by the priests,
Bowing to idols during all of her feasts.

It goes without saying the nuns taught us well,
Not to question the Pope, lest we be cast into hell.
But little did they know, or maybe they did,
How me and their pupils were slaves to sin.
Yielding our members to desire and vice,
Never understanding born again, Jesus, True Life.
For from childhood and upward the fruit on our tree,
Bore witness to the fact even if you disagree.
That of our flesh and our mind, we all lived in sin,
Being children of disobedience and walking therein.

This assuredly is no mystery, for the world doth know,
That Catholics trump many in that which they sow,
To the flesh and sin they cannot deny,
Drinking it down with gusto, like bottles of wine.
Get angry with me for this truth you should know,
Because religion never saves, whether Protestant or Rome.

And religion Rome has, to this I agree,
Bowing and kneeling, teaching repeat after me.
Crossings and incense, chantings and more,
Silences the knockings of Jesus at the door.
Open unto me and I will come in,
So says he to Rome and all found therein.

But the knockings of Jesus that day I’d not hear,
And continued down Rome’s path, year after year.
Thinking I’d be heard, for the rosaries I’d pray,
Never being taught Jesus’ word, wherein he did say.
Pray not like the heathen who think they’ll be heard,
Who recite vain prayers with many a word.
Yea, rather pray simply to your Father above,
With words from your heart spoken in love.

These were our days much more I could write,
‘Bout how we were taught that Rome’s always right.
Steer clear of the Bible and what Jesus taught,
Lest all of our deceptions become all for naught.

And like the good child I wanted to be,
I submitted to my parents, the priests and the “see.”
Onward and upward in Rome I did climb,
Becoming an alter boy made my parents to shine.
Maybe one day a priest he’ll become,
Sacrificing afresh God’s most beloved Son.

Yet herein lies the truth that Rome must deny,
For the day that she’d stop, be the day she would die.
Salvation’s by grace through faith in the Son,
Believing in Jesus as the only One,
Who can save one from sin and raise them anew,
A gift per God’s grace not reward for what you do.

Too amazing to believe many will say,
Yet true it certainly is, as old things pass away,
For those born again, raised alive from the grave,
No longer in bondage, no longer a slave.
Serving in Spirit not letter of law,
Loving their enemies, and praying for all.

Unto all those who read, condemn I don’t do,
But rather point to Jesus and his Word which is true.
Open the book and search it this day,
For all that come in faith, he’ll never turn away.
Forsake dead religion, the traditions of men,
Repent, believe on Jesus, bless God and amen.

A Thief in the Night

©copyright 2007 brother Michael

Be on guard day and night,
For the thief may come in the middle of the night.
This said Jesus to his saints,
Lest they grew weary and began to faint.
So get oil today a wise virgin be,
With enough in your lamp to shine for thee.
For Jesus is coming this we know,
For all his saints who love him so.
Today, tomorrow we are not told,
To prevent our hearts from growing cold.
So seek the Lord while it is yet day,
For soon he will come this I pray.

Freedom in Christ

©copyright 2007 brother Michael

I know what it was to be blind, and I know what it is to see.
I know what it was to be in bondage, and I know what it is to be free.
I know what it was to be lost, and I how it feels to be found.
I know what it was to be dead, yet today I’m no longer bound.
Not by the grave, nor by sin, for all things are new,
For Jesus my Lord, is Faithful and True.
And as his church, I’ll soon be his wife,
Together with the saints, unto everlasting life.
So to him be the Glory, to Him alone,
Blessings and honor, as he sits on his throne.
For soon, very soon with clouds he will come,
With angels and trump, as the Glorified Son.
Press forward I will, carrying my cross,
Living by faith, and not religious dross.
So bend your knee, repent from the heart,
Forsake vain religion, and get a new start.
To the humble alone, the kingdom belongs,
I pray on that day, you’ll sing that new song.