On this page I will have links for companies, blogs, and other sources of information about preparedness for hard times and other emergencies. Times that may come from a local catastrophic event like Katrina, a long-term power outage due to a winter storm or hurricane, a global financial crisis or any other number of scenarios.

My faith, as you can tell from this website, is in the Living God and his Son Jesus Christ. As such, I am not advocating faith in the “right arm of flesh.” Yet we live in the world and are told of God that we are to be good stewards with what he entrusts to us. We have faith that God will provide food for us and our families yet we are commanded to work. We have faith that God will protect us from harm, yet we are commanded to not tempt the Lord. We have faith that God will bring his work in us to completion in Christ yet we are told to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Likewise, it is written that “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 27:12) So to the prudent and those who desire to be as such I present the links below that I have found helpful in my quest to move in the direction of becoming more independent of the “grid” that the systems of the world have created to enslave us. I am very, very far from where I would like to be but I’m striving to move in this direction.

Check back often as I will be updating this page going forward. Finally, please pray God’s grace for all his saints especially the persecuted church, and for him to hold back to evil day and workers of iniquity.



  • American Preppers Network – Network for people who want to be prepared for disaster and not victims.
  • American Preppers – Prepper discussion board.
  • Self Reliant Living is a company that provides self-sufficiency products and information including alternative energy, heating, home production, self-reliant skills development, consulting, etc.
  • Suburban Prepper – Focus on preparation, survival, safety and security in a suburban world.
  • Survivalist Blog – Live Better, Live cheaper, and Survive when things get tough.
  • The Survival Mom – Mom who has a passion for her family and seeks to be prepared for the future.
  • Prepper.Org – Site to link up people who believe in preparedness.
  • Holly Deyo’s highly recommended book Dare to Prepare. If you buy one book on emergency preparedness, this is the book you should buy.
  • Great survival information site. Survial Topics
  • Urban Survival Stories for those who think it cannot happen to them.

Staying Informed

  • Joel Skousen’s highly recommended World Affairs Brief which is a concise newsletter produced weekly that will give you insight into current events in ways you will never find out from the main stream media.