The Federal Reserve, an organization that was illegitimately conceived during secret meetings held on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia in 1910 and given birth by Congress and Woodrow Wilson in 1913. A organization, or more properly titled a cartel, that was created by the leading bankers of the world who at the time controlled 1/4 of the entire world’s wealth (yes, that is a lot of money even in 1910). A cartel that was created in secrecy and built upon one lie after another spoken forth from duplicitous and evil men who disdain the common people like you and me counting us as mere pawns on the chessboard of life they foolishly think they control.

Today we know the Fed as being the organization that graciously bestows upon the serfs of the world her worthless fiat currency known as Federal Reserve Notes or FRN’s (fallaciously called dollars). And, like the magicians of old who pulled a rabbit out of an empty hat, so too does the Fed in pulling FRN’s out from her empty pockets.

This money pulled out from the empty pockets of the Fed via FRN’s and loans is that which fuels the global economy from top to bottom. Money for car loans or mortgages, paychecks to credit card bills, nation building, company bailouts, and everything in between. For it is largely the Fed and others like her (i.e. the IMF) who are the ones who controls the world’s money. Money that she materializes out of thin air as she waves her magic wand over her empty pockets. This money, which now emerges from her empty pockets, is then loaned out to governments, organizations and individuals with the added price tag of compounded interest payment. Payable of course to the bankers who started out with empty pockets which soon become full beyond measure.

This is why the Fed is truly the power behind the power where there is none her equal as she and her elite bankers are the ones at the top of the global food chain. Princes, presidents, popes, kings, politicians and everyone in between are enslaved to the almighty dollar and its overlord the Fed.

The tragedy is that most people are totally ignorant as to the real story about the Fed and instead think it is some benign organization that is here to help out the common man. Most believing the Fed is a federal bank with a lot of reserves in hold. A bank believed to be part of the U.S. government. Even the Fed’s website fosters this duplicity where her website has .gov as their high-level domain.

Additionally, most people believe the Fed to be a bank created to ensure the stability of the economy and to keep the world from having recessions or financial crashes. Isn’t this what Alan Greenspan told Congress and the American people when he was Chairman? Isn’t this what Ben Bernanke tells us today? That the Fed is here for you and me, the knight on a white stallion to save the economic day, a modern day Robin Hood to take from the rich and give to us the poor.

Lies, lies and more lies. Lies fed to us daily by the controlled media establishments whether they be television, radio, magazine or newspapers the story is the same. The Fed is our friend. I am here to tell you they are not your friend but rather your enemy and they are not here to help you but rather to enslave you. Enslave you, me and the world to their system of debt.

To learn the truth of the Federal Reserve and to see beyond the smoke and mirrors provided at their website or from the media, please listen to this presentation by G. Edward Griffen given on Novenber 18, 1994. This taken from his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. Then, pray and forward to others.