It is hard to believe, but a majority of Americans (including Christians and conservatives) seem oblivious to the fact that there is a very real, very legitimate New World Order (NWO) unfolding. In the face of overwhelming evidence, most Americans not only seem totally unaware of this reality, they seem unwilling to even remotely entertain the notion.

These are the words of Chuck Baldwin, a man who is not asleep as so many Americans and worse yet, Christians are. He understands the times and that they are indeed perilous as the New World Order rises up out of the sea. I encourage you to read his articles found here for part I and here for part II.

The tragedy in the slumber of our day is that too many accept as gospel truth whatever Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC, or any of the other major media establishments tell them. Not just in facts as to what happened during the day in politics, world events, etc. but more importantly in the conclusions that are drawn for them. This being key because the way information is presented, the opinions one hears, the opinions one is not allowed to hear, the images seen and those not seen are all part of a scripted, orchestrated program that is presented to get the viewer to believe a certain way. For a simple example of this when media was in its infancy, watch this video by Francis Schaeffer.

This deception happens every day and with every major news outlet because the media has an agenda and they want you to buy in. They want to convert you to their opinion without you ever knowing this is happening. Independent thought and opinions are ridiculed or vilified as being conspiratorial, non-patriotic, or un-American. In essence, you can only think as the establishment wants you to think where any thought outside of this is deemed evil. Because of this, independent thinkers are hard to find as more and more people have lost the ability to think for themselves. Instead, the average American has been lulled to sleep unknowingly as they blindly assimilate whatever their favorite news program or media outlet reports.

One of the key ways in which they accomplish this is by having dueling personalities and media outlets slanted either “right” or “left”. For example, you have one newscaster who may be billed as being on the “right” like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, and then on the other side, that is the “left”, you will have someone like Wolf Blitzer or James Carville. And not unlike a Hollywood movie set that has arch-enemies battling to the death, so too does the media have their supposed mortal enemies. The combatants here not employing fists or guns, but rather tongues and rhetoric as our pundits trade verbal blows back and forth as they seek to deliver the final word to gain the day. Yet unknown to you is that as soon as the camera stops rolling these “bitter enemies” leave the set together and go out for a bite to eat as they congratulate each other on the fine job they did on today’s program.1

Another key in this deception of our day is that you will rarely find that in these debates any substantive discussions about the core issues such as the Constitution, State’s rights, Constitutionally-sound fiscal policy, etc. Instead it is very often hot-button items that are put out there to get you to react emotionally without focusing on the heart of the matter. This being all by design because the establishment does not want you to focus or ponder the real issues and they definitely do not want you to ponder the Constitution. For in so doing their ruse would be in jeopardy of being discovered. Rather, they prefer those on the “right” to be saying amen when Hannity defeats Colmes, or for those on the “left” to cheer when Carville trumps Buchanan. But in the end nothing has changed because both the “right” and the “left” are taking the country in the same direction.

It really is high time for Americans and especially Christians to wake up. Some practical steps you can take are to:

  • Turn off the television because I can assure you that you are not getting the truth here. Instead, you are being deceived and it will not be until you have been away from it for a while and detoxed from its lies that you will come to see that what I write is true.
  • Turn away from major news outlets whether they be major papers like the New York Times, Time/Newsweek, the LA Times, etc. If you want to read them then you should at least be aware of their bias, the lies and the deception which are the underpinnings of advancing the New World Order.
  • Look to the Internet and alternative news sources. Here, you are not guaranteed a bastion of truth as there is deception here just as is in the major establishments. Because the NWO folks are not dumb and seek to gain the upper hand wherever they can. A few good sites to start with include: NewsWithViews and World Net Daily. And no, I am not asking you accept everything you read at these sites (I certainly don’t) for you must do your “homework” here as is true with anything you read. But by and large the farther you get away from CNN, FOX, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, etc. the better you will be. And NewsWithViews has a number of excellent God-fearing authors that will greatly help you in your quest to understand truth and to make changes based on it.
  • Pray against this growing beast system. Pray specifically and fervently against the evil that is seeking to consume the whole world and trample it under foot. If you don’t care for yourself, think about the next generation and sacrifice for them.
  • Inform others and get together with other Christians to pray and discuss these matters.
  • Stand against this system in ways as you are led by God that do not violate his commands.
  • Get together with like minded individuals and develop networks where you can buy, sell, etc.
  • Read the Bible for herein you will find the words of eternal life because NWO or not, one day you will die and there is nothing you can do to prevent this day from coming. Today is the day of salvation where you can be set free from your sins, guilt and shame as you are washed whither than snow in the blood of the lamb of God.

I hope and pray you wake up to the times and take action while there is yet day for the night cometh when no man can work.


1 – The same very things happens with our political system which provides us the same theatrics. Here, we likewise have our dueling parties of right vs left, Republican vs. Democrat. Yet Bush or Obama, Clinton or Bush, Reagan or Ford, it doesn’t matter as the direction of the Nation is the same no matter who is in office. The reason for this is that the powers that be change not nor do their goals of destroying the Constitution and building their nefarious global system. All as they work night and day to destroy America by flooding her with illegals, sending her jobs overseas, taking her private property, polluting her with immorality and wickedness, trampling under foot parent’s rights, brainwashing her children from infancy to be global citizens, and hoping that the people do not wake up until it is too late.

The Federal Reserve, an organization that was illegitimately conceived during secret meetings held on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia in 1910 and given birth by Congress and Woodrow Wilson in 1913. A organization, or more properly titled a cartel, that was created by the leading bankers of the world who at the time controlled 1/4 of the entire world’s wealth (yes, that is a lot of money even in 1910). A cartel that was created in secrecy and built upon one lie after another spoken forth from duplicitous and evil men who disdain the common people like you and me counting us as mere pawns on the chessboard of life they foolishly think they control.

Today we know the Fed as being the organization that graciously bestows upon the serfs of the world her worthless fiat currency known as Federal Reserve Notes or FRN’s (fallaciously called dollars). And, like the magicians of old who pulled a rabbit out of an empty hat, so too does the Fed in pulling FRN’s out from her empty pockets.

This money pulled out from the empty pockets of the Fed via FRN’s and loans is that which fuels the global economy from top to bottom. Money for car loans or mortgages, paychecks to credit card bills, nation building, company bailouts, and everything in between. For it is largely the Fed and others like her (i.e. the IMF) who are the ones who controls the world’s money. Money that she materializes out of thin air as she waves her magic wand over her empty pockets. This money, which now emerges from her empty pockets, is then loaned out to governments, organizations and individuals with the added price tag of compounded interest payment. Payable of course to the bankers who started out with empty pockets which soon become full beyond measure.

This is why the Fed is truly the power behind the power where there is none her equal as she and her elite bankers are the ones at the top of the global food chain. Princes, presidents, popes, kings, politicians and everyone in between are enslaved to the almighty dollar and its overlord the Fed.

The tragedy is that most people are totally ignorant as to the real story about the Fed and instead think it is some benign organization that is here to help out the common man. Most believing the Fed is a federal bank with a lot of reserves in hold. A bank believed to be part of the U.S. government. Even the Fed’s website fosters this duplicity where her website has .gov as their high-level domain.

Additionally, most people believe the Fed to be a bank created to ensure the stability of the economy and to keep the world from having recessions or financial crashes. Isn’t this what Alan Greenspan told Congress and the American people when he was Chairman? Isn’t this what Ben Bernanke tells us today? That the Fed is here for you and me, the knight on a white stallion to save the economic day, a modern day Robin Hood to take from the rich and give to us the poor.

Lies, lies and more lies. Lies fed to us daily by the controlled media establishments whether they be television, radio, magazine or newspapers the story is the same. The Fed is our friend. I am here to tell you they are not your friend but rather your enemy and they are not here to help you but rather to enslave you. Enslave you, me and the world to their system of debt.

To learn the truth of the Federal Reserve and to see beyond the smoke and mirrors provided at their website or from the media, please listen to this presentation by G. Edward Griffen given on Novenber 18, 1994. This taken from his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. Then, pray and forward to others.