In a few weeks it will be election time. In anticipation of this, most evangelicals right now are doing their utmost to get John McCain elected. Whether it is big-time leaders like Al Mohler writing anti-Obama/pro-Mccain articles, Jim Dobson using his vast reach over the airwaves to promote McCain, or bloggers posting diatribes against Obama and lauding praises on McCain and Palin, evangelicals are working day and night to get McCain elected.

In writing today, I cannot disagree that most pursue these endeavors with good intentions as they believe McCain is the “better” man for the job when compared against Obama. Especially when they consider the hot button issue of abortion where it is no secret that Obama is both pro-abortion and pro late-term abortion (it’s all murder whether early or late folks). But most do not know, or sadly care to know, that McCain is not as pro-life as his promoters would have us believe. You can catch a glimpse into this truth by reading this article by Chuck Baldwin. You also can check out this video at YouTube which in 9 minutes reveals a glimpse into John McCain that is very troubling. See also this Time Magazine article which highlights how McCain’s campaign is riddled with lies that even the media is speaking out about!

But sadly most evangelicals elect to stay like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand where anyone who seeks to illume them to matters they might not have considered about McCain is vilified and ridiculed as being a fool. And so armed with their good intentions the evangelicals march onward believing that this time it will be different even though they had eight years with George W. Bush. Eight long years where for six of those years the Republicans held control of all the House, Senate and Executive office. But, surprise of surprises nothing changed with abortion and Roe v. Wade.

Likewise, we all know that good intentions really are for naught when one gets down to brass tacks. Because the truth be told, evangelicals who support McCain are deceiving and being deceived. They are blind to the days we live in and cannot discern the signs of the times right before their very eyes. Blind as most care not to look beyond the debate sound bites, promotional commercials and well-crafted news stories. Instead, they hold on like a pit bull to the professionally crafted and well scripted image of McCain as a battered patriot and friend of this nation. Sadly though, the reality is that he is anything but as the Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain will tell you.

I hope and truly pray that Christians will open their eyes and stop believing and preaching the lie. Study to show yourself approved and stop blindly accepting what the media tells you, or your pastor parrots from the pro-Republican party. Do some homework and read what Chuck Baldwin has to say. A principled, pro-Constitution man who is running for President for the Constitutional Party. Check out his videos on YouTube especially if you want to hear what a true pro-life candidate sounds like. Conduct research and read some of the excellent articles at News With Views like those by Devy Kidd (I’ll warn you that she pulls no punches).

And please, stop believing the lie that voting for Chuck Baldwin is throwing away your vote. It most certainly is NOT. This is a lie from the enemy where God does not tell us to vote for the lesser of two evils, for the lesser of two evils is STILL evil! God tells us to stand for what is right regardless of whether it “wins” with the general populace.

This is my plea to you. For another impassioned plea to Christians about McCain, please read the excellent article My Plea To Christians: Don’t Vote For John MCCain by Doug Newman. I could not agree more!